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AlaskanDad   in reply to The Wizard   on

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Dear Sirs,
I am really not sure if I have come to the right site. I am a hard working father of 3. 2 boys and and a girl. My oldest is 20 and we are trying to get him back in school. He is a brilliant boy who absolutely loves electronics and can do more with computers than just about anybody I know. He has dreams of becoming a programmer and/or computer engineer. My younger boy is in high school and is an all around good athlete, (running, soccer, hockey, and rock climbing). My daughter is 13 and is disabled. She is always going through one form of therapy or another. She is as sweet as they get.
Although I have a good job and I work hard every month in the oil field, I have had a difficult time getting ahead. I have not always done so well. Now, for the past few years, I have always been playing catch up. If there was a way I could get some financial assistance, I am sure I would be able to start saving and provide a solid future for the kids. I would like to be able to send my eldest to college and keep my younger boy playing sports which get more expensive all the time. I certainly would like to get the very best care for my daughter and continue to dig through the medical side to maybe, with God's help, find ways to better enrich her life.
I am not in the habit of asking for help, and this has been a difficult thing to come to terms with. I just look at my children and can't help but think of how bad I want to give them a brighter future. Thank you so much for taking a few minutes to take a glimpse into my family. Any Help at all would be much appreciated. Thanks again.

Talk to AlaskanDad


Talk to AlaskanDad